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Why wouldn’t people
choose to protect themselves?

A new vaccine could finally end one of the fastest growing mosquito-borne diseases in the world. ​There’s one problem: no one may trust it.

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Our Solution

In collaboration with
Ogilvy Health

An analysis and community engagement strategy, part of a broader proposal to bring a brand-new, more effective dengue vaccine to market.

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Dengue, the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne disease in the world, is active in at least 128 of 195


Severe dengue is a leading cause of hospitalization and death in most Asian and Latin American countries


Almost 4 billion people – or half the world’s population – are at risk for infection.


The ​Aedes aegypti m​osquito can only fly a few hundred meters on its own power. But with growing cities and more travellers between them, people are spreading dengue further and faster than ever before.


The economic cost of dengue has been estimated between $8.9 billion to
$ 39.3 billion
per year. An effective vaccine that eliminates Dengue can save considerable money – for the world, and for families.

The first vaccine to prevent Dengue was launched in 2016. When safety concerns prompted an outcry, the vaccine​ was pulled from the market. With Dengue still a major threat in over 100 countries, the solution now wasn’t just to introduce a better vaccine . Governments and health providers wanting to prevent the debilitating fever would now have to rebuild trust and combat fear and misinformation as well.

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