Common Thread - Malnutrition mother with children

Designing for

How can we help parents
in some of the most
challenging places on earth
prioritize vaccination?

Make it easier. Make it relevant. With the constant threat of poverty and conflict at their doorstep, parents have enough to think about.

 Common Thread - Malnutrition woman unicef
 Common Thread - Malnutrition people talking unicef

Our Solution

In collaboration with the International Federation
of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

A ​global training package that uses local context and social norms to motivate parents to vaccinate, and help them remember when to do it.

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Almost 7.7 million unimmunized children live in fragile or humanitarian settings.


Global vaccination coverage is at 85% but better immunization could prevent an additional 1.5 million deaths.


Of the nine vaccines recommended for all infants in their first two years of life, seven of them require multiple doses.


People make poor decisions when under stress. When poverty and insecurity is constant, it’s harder to think of anything else.


Up to 12 million local volunteers are engaged in Red Cross or Red Crescent National Societies in 189 countries.


Up to 18,000 volunteers work in conflict-affected areas.

Vaccine schedules are hard for all of us to remember. In fragile and underserved areas, the threat of disease is constant and the importance of vaccination may pale against the daily needs of the family. Keeping track of complicated vaccine schedules is hard for most people, unless you have a little help from a health provider.

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