Common Thread - Malnutrition mother with children
 Common Thread - Malnutrition mother with children

Closing the
Equity Gap

Why aren’t the most
underserved more involved
in designing their
own solutions?

1 in 5 children across the world are not fully vaccinated. ​The ‘fifth child’ desperately needs champions who understand her circumstances and can design immunization services just for her. T​hose closest to her – civil society organizations – are an untapped resource.

 Common Thread - Malnutrition woman unicef
 Common Thread - Malnutrition people talking unicef

Our Solution

In Collaboration with Gavi

A blueprint to make the most of every engagement with the civil society organizations closest to the world’s most underserved and hardest-to-reach unvaccinated children.

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More than 700 million new children have been immunized with life-saving vaccines over the last two decades.


India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Nigeria are home to half of the world’s under-immunized children.


Under threat from war or poverty, or otherwise on the move, the ‘fifth child’ who doesn't get vaccinated is the most difficult to reach.


In Nigeria and Pakistan, the richest children are 7 times more likely to be immunized than the poorest.


Every $1 invested in immunization on average saves $16 in healthcare costs, lost wages, and productivity due to illness.


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Vaccines have become more affordable and widely available, thanks to organizations like Gavi​. Yet whether a child is vaccinated or not still depends too much on where a child is born, where she grows up, and the language she speaks. Every day, local civil society organizations strive to connect people to health services and adapt these services to their communities’ needs. Their unique ability to build trust can mean the difference between life and death.

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