How we work


We connect people to policy by listening, learning and translating local voices into long-lasting and measurable public health and development strategies.

We help you find the common thread that connects us all.

We design strategy and help you deliver on it.

We combine community insights, social science theories, behavioural economics, public health and marketing approaches into a cohesive, dynamic strategy and implementation process.

In the end, it's about people. Listening and amplifying their voices is the foundation of how we work. We capture people’s lives, contexts and belief systems in a dynamic and engaging way that enables understanding and dialogue. We bring these voices to the fore with analyses that weave together data, video, voice, and culture. 

By creating behaviour change strategies that are grounded in evidence, justified by science, implemented with the highest quality standards, and monitored by credible data, we believe that considering behaviour from the outset of project design can drive health programming to achieve faster and greater impact. 

We draw on a range of local and international partners to deliver global standards of excellence, combined with valuable local insight.


Where we work

We work in public health 

But our experience and interest is broad and in all cases, we take the best of social science, communication and local insight to resolve complex problems at the community level: from climate change, to disease outbreak preparedness and response, to disaster risk reduction.

We are global. We are local

With representation in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, and a network of partner organizations and consultants all over the world, Common Thread can work from the community to global levels. 


How can we help you achieve your public health goals?