Our Mission


We harness the power of human behaviour to stop diseases from spreading. We help people and communities make healthier choices. We bridge the gap between well-meaning public health strategies and actual human behaviour. 

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Combining community insights, behavioural science, public health and marketing we can help you understand:

• Why people know, but do not do.
• Why people say one thing, but do another.
• How “free” services can cost more.
• How small nudges can have massive impact.



How We Work

At Common Thread, people come first.

We believe human behaviour is ultimately what spreads and stops disease, and what drives human progress.

So, we insist on spending time to listen, to learn and to represent the people and the communities they live in.  That community could be a board room, or a village in rural Somalia. Either way, the principles of understanding real world motivations and unconscious cognitive biases are fundamental to finding solutions that actually work.  

For all of our change strategies, we follow a well-honed process of diagnosis, design and measurement.

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This is our immersion. We begin with the client and work hard to understand your needs, assumptions and the complexity of your problem. We collect and analyze data to sharpen our strategic focus.


Factoring human behaviour into a health strategy from the outset will achieve greater impact more quickly, and cost less. We bring social data - a deep understanding of culture, motivation, behaviors and values – together with epidemiological data to tell the complete story of health.  Most importantly, we design with the intent – and the proof - to deliver impact. Our strategies come with the data to prove that it worked.


People change. Circumstances change. The worlds – big and small - that we live in are constantly evolving. Our strategies recognize the phenomenon of human nature, and evolve with the environment they operate in. Common Thread relies on field testing and constant recalibration so that our work is relevant and effective before and after Activation.


Translating a change strategy into action is hard. It means finding the best mix of channels, messengers and tactics that will have influence. We aim to plug into people’s lives, contexts and belief systems in a way that open doors for understanding and dialogue. Whether designing a national marketing campaign, a training curriculum or a community theatre script, we find ways to connect with people, their values and emotions, because ultimately, people have to feel something to do something.


We monitor, review, iterate and reiterate to ensure we are continuously connected to the communities with which we work.  Our evaluation mechanism is iterative, because we believe consultation with people needs to be constant. We adapt our strategies as needed. And we measure everything. 


We work to ensure the communities we serve are empowered to maintain and build on progress. Our approach ensures that data and skills are understandable and available to anyone who can use it for greater change, and greater good.