There is no shortage of data in public health. But many times, the story is missing. We pride ourselves on being evidence based from beginning to end, using data and people’s voices to tell stories. We bring together epidemiological, surveillance, and social data to connect trends with context, and numbers with people. We use a complete data set to ensure our work is cohesive, targeted and measurable. The end result? A strategy that works.


With our talented network of research and creative partners, we design solutions that will resonate, inspire and promote active participation from those we serve. We will challenge your assumptions and encourage you to resist the urge to make something, without justification. Instead we will examine each context to determine what’s needed. It could be a product, a creative tool, a powerful message, or simply a new way of designing a service. In the end, solutions will be impactful, culturally appropriate, tested and creative to reach and motivate your highest priority groups.


From university lecture halls, private company retreats, to field-based training at local health clinics, we are experienced trainers in myriad contexts. In any training context, our approach is to lead from behind. We can design curricula, tools and trainings so that teams, frontline workers and staff identify their own behavioural goals and solutions. Teams will leave our trainings with real-life skills to meet your objectives.


With experience responding to disease outbreaks, we can hit the ground running once a crisis hits, or help you prepare for the next one. We can help develop and coordinate community engagement and communication tactics in times of intense pressure and need. We have the tools, expertise and talent to get ahead of emerging crisis or manage an unexpected critical event.


Finding and keeping top talent is a constant challenge in the field of social and behaviour change. The Common Thread roster includes consultants and organizations with a range of expertise from research, design, to social and behaviour change and public health. We create and manage unique and dynamic teams that can adapt to the individual problems we need to solve. We believe in a collaborative approach to problem solving, and our partners represent the best in behavioural change communication practice.